Thank You And Goodbye!


My wife Helen and I, as well as the rest of the Happy Days Staff, want to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and friends through the past sixteen years.  The experience and relationships gained have been invaluable to us and created some wonderful warm memories!  We are sad to have to give up this “fun business” but our health demands that we do so.  We are feeling so blessed that we have been able to participate in this “dream business” this many years and we focus on that blessing and upon the blessing of each new day as we experience God’s creation of every day, and we are rejoicing and being glad in them, just as He has said in His Holy Word.  It’s a short life this side of eternity, so enjoy your relationship with God and with every person while you can and may God bless you!!

John and Helen Meyer

P.S.  There still may be a few cars listed under Current Inventory from time to time on this site, but we have no showroom hours, availability only by appointment.  Call

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Welcome to Happy Days Dream Cars

Classic Car Sales in Kansas City, MO


We would like to welcome you to the Happy Days Dream Cars online showroom. We’re proud to be not only Central Missouri’s largest classic car dealership, but also the most friendly and professional as well.

On this site you will find an up to date listing of the different classic cars that we have in our inventory, as well as a portfolio of automobiles that we’ve sold over the years. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to serve you.

If you are ever in the Warrensburg area, we would love to have you drop by our showroom so you can have a look at the different cars we have on the floor, as well as giving us a chance to meet you.

If you’re looking to sell your classic automobile, we have several consignment options available to you.

For our international customers, rest assured that we are global shipping specialists, and have experience sending classic cars all over the globe. Don’t hesitate to call!